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Student Program

Fostering an atmosphere of excellence.

We look for students who have an interest in litigation, demonstrated through mooting, clinic work and other types of persuasive advocacy, and who have achieved high academic standing. We seek out students who are intellectually curious, resourceful and well-rounded, and who share our values of professionalism and excellence. We recognize that many students will not have experience in law-related positions before law school. We find that students can develop valuable skills for summer and articling through involvement in law school and through a wide range of non-legal positions, such as retail, service, skilled trade, and/or manual labour.

Students will not be placed in a rotation and will enjoy the challenge of working with most of our lawyers in a wide variety of practice areas. Although a number of the lawyers at Paliare Roland concentrate their practice in specific areas of litigation, no one is required to do so. The firm’s culture is rooted firmly in the belief that a good litigator is able to do virtually any type of case. Consequently, the ability to advocate on behalf of a client — any client — is the primary skill we look for in a lawyer. It is our intention to hire students interested in advocating for the rights of our clients, whether in the civil/commercial or labour/employment/administrative context. With our small size and small student pool, we have students take on meaningful client work, and treat students as key members of our team.


We strive to involve our students in the practice and development of the areas of law in which we are involved.

We include our students in everything we do. Our students assist us in researching and drafting legal opinions, memoranda, pleadings, and facta. We also encourage students to attend with lawyers at client interviews, hearings, examinations for discovery, and trials. Students may also attend at court or before tribunals where permitted.

Our students are assigned a single mentor for the duration of the summer term or articling year but students will receive work directly from any of the lawyers in our firm. Mentors ensure that their students are receiving an appropriate amount and range of work, and provide mentoring and coaching to develop their skills as advocates.

In addition to formal mentoring, we support peer mentoring at all stages of practice. Our junior lawyers (most of whom were students here) and support staff are especially generous with their time and guidance for students. In addition to hands-on training, students are invited to participate in our in-firm continuing professional development program. Moreover, we regularly turn to our colleagues to provide experience, support, and strategic advice on cases during lunchtime discussions and informal brainstorming sessions.

To learn more about our firm culture, our commitment to diversity and inclusion, see our Careers section or contact our current students below.

Work With Us

Work With Us

We hire 4-6 second year summer law students each November, in accordance with LSO guidelines and deadlines. In addition to the 2L recruit, we occasionally participate in the LSO-regulated Toronto articling recruit, which takes place in July and August. We do not have positions for pre-law students or 1L students or paralegal students. We do not entertain split summers.

We accept applications by viLawPortal to the attention of Waleska Vernon, Director of Professional Recruitment & Development.

We conduct on-campus interviews at law schools across Ontario, as well as at McGill University and Dalhousie University. We accept applications from students at schools across Canada and abroad, and we reserve several in-firm November interview slots for students from schools where we do not conduct OCIs. We advise selected candidates of our intention to offer November interviews about one week before Call Day. We do not hold cocktail parties during in-firm recruitment, and rarely invite students to dinner because we prefer interviews that focus on the skills and abilities of candidates. For this reason, we do not use a name-blind recruitment and selection system in student recruitment. We have adopted the partial use of standardized questioning in interviews to focus our assessment on the skills and abilities of candidates.

In an effort to support transgender applicants whose legal name does not match the name they use on a daily basis, we can redact your legal name from transcripts and other official documents before sharing your application with lawyers involved in the hiring process. After submitting your original documents through the viLawPortal, please email Waleska Vernon, Director of Professional Recruitment & Development, at to indicate that you would like this information to remain confidential. Waleska will review the original documents to confirm their authenticity, and will redact the name before sharing the application package more broadly. This information will be kept strictly confidential. In addition, you are welcome to use your chosen name on all other application materials you submit as part of your package. We recognize that there may be other elements of your application which do not reflect how you currently identify (e.g., past publications authored or previous awards issued in a former name, reference letters or have us contact referees who might misname or misgender you). Please let us know if you anticipate any such issues with your application; we are happy to work with you to ensure that the application and hiring process is as affirming as possible.

We provide students with a competitive salary, a smartphone, a dental, health and life insurance plan, and a subsidized health club membership. We pay our students’ fees for the Ontario licensing examinations, and articling students receive full salary during the licensing examination study period. Articling students also receive paid vacation during their articling term.

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